Our wide-range services

Using our 30+ years of experience, our specialized staff and worldwide network of suppliers and manufacturers, FAB Luxembourg is able to assist you with a broad spectrum of services.

    Spare Parts

    FAB has a separate in-house department that is specialised in sourcing & supplying spare parts to the leisure industry worldwide. If you are looking for OEM parts or alternative parts, the specialists at FAB can assist you. All products are European CE certified and come with factory warranty.


    For customers outside Europe, FAB sources all your different parts at various suppliers, simplifying your administration and logistics and becomes your one-stop-shop address for spare parts. If you are interested in a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: spareparts@fab.lu

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    Starting an amusement park project? Or (re)developing an attraction? FAB can offer financial, creative or operations consultancy. The specialists that FAB can provide are all seasoned leisure professionals with over 20 years of field experience. Using its worldwide network, FAB is able to assist new as well as established operators of parks with their development. Combining the experiece of the staff at FAB with their creativity and the up-to-date market knowledge, let the consultancy of FAB work for you!

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    FAB has strategic alliances with several design companies for the completion of entire amusement parks and new attraction development. From blue sky to 100% design drawings, FAB and its partners can service any design project in the leisure industry worldwide.

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    FAB is able to assist clients with professional installation services. Using experienced professionals, FAB will coordinate on behalf of the client the installation of amusement attractions worldwide. Installation services can be coordinated for single attractions as well as large park installations.

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    Project Management

    Project management services are offered for larger and/or complex projects. The professionals that FAB can provide will make sure that each project team member knows what to work on and when. They will provide the client with realistic project schedules and budgets to bring understanding that the project realistically can meet its deadline and financial targets. Project management is not only for construction and installation but also for development of attractions and transport & logistics of your leisure project.

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    With most of its clients, FAB provides a mix of services but in several cases FAB has provided turnkey solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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